Sizzling fun with Karamba

As you all know very well by now, Karamba is a very well established online casino which has been around for a number of years. It is now the time to celebrate another birthday with Karamba and you can be the one to gain from it.


As from the 18th July up until the 1st of August, Karamba is giving out gifts to players who are interested in joining the party. Presents include daily free spins and also unexpected bonuses!

So what are you waiting for? Sign up with Karamba and you will be receiving free gifts, simply for joining the celebration.

New games coming up

Guys, this is super interesting! Karamba is always up for being innovative and keeping you happy. For this reason, Karamba has launched new games for you to indulge into. One of the top games in the European market is live casino. Karamba will be giving you the opportunity to play live with Roulette, Baccarat and Blackjack. This means that you will have a live dealer at your service, who you can chat whilst playing.  Dealers are all highly professional, fun, interactive and most important fast to get back to you should you need their assistance with the game. Another great aspect of this new launch is that these are high quality games with the fastest real time streaming made available. No blocks, no jams, no waste of time. Promise!

Vegas is only a click away as Karamba is offering you a real time experience with their new launch.


In less than two weeks time, this online casino is also launching another new super cool game. Animation has never been so much fun. The game, ‘When pigs fly’ is a funny one, this is guaranteed, where pigs will be flying into nowhere else but space! You will truly fall in love with the astronaut pig. There is a twist to this slot as the layout will adapt while you play, giving you a large number of opportunities to win.  Bonus features include Wild substitutions, re-spins and free spins. So hop onto that rocket on the 21st of this month and give yourself the chance to win, win, win!

Chili Gold was a success, for this reason a new jackpot is riding on, ‘Chili Gold 2’. An intergalactic bonus is available to you. You will be given 3 lives to help you get to the jackpot level. So grab your tequila, a sombrero and give it a go with Chili Gold 2.

As you can see above, July is a fantastic month for Karamba. New projects are launched. Karamba will not let you down. So if you have not yet done so, just click here, and win with Karamba. Good luck and stay tuned!

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