Olympic Spins

Feeling athletic? If so, InstaOlympics might be what you need these coming days. Rio is racy and pressure is on. InstaCasino is ready to keep up with the pressure in Brazil. So much so, that InstaOlympics is being set out for you to enjoy during these exciting days.


Watch out for the new promotion on Monday, 15th of August. InstaCasino has something great plan out for you players. Three different bonus codes, BRONZE, SILVER and GOLD will be live. Careful, use that exact same order. How to make use of these bonuses is just a piece of cake. First you need to signup with InstaCasino, place your deposit and then use all the 3 bonus codes mentioned above consecutively. The first bonus will automatically unlock the next and so on.

You can claim 25% up to €100 on your first round with the bonus code Bronze. 50% up to €100 can be making its way to your Insta account on the second round. Finally, claim 100% up to €100 on the third round by using the bonus code GOLD.

Unlock all the 3 codes, and you will be in the draw to become one of the 3 lucky winners. And a medal prize is handed out to you on the 22nd of this month, that is a day after the promotion is done. First Gold prize is that of a grand total of 100 real spins on Samba Carnival. Silver and Bronze medal entitle you to 50 and 25 real spins respectfully also on Samba Carnival. To make life even better, you will be also qualify for a raffle, so do not despair if you make it to the top 3.


So, remember, signup now with InstaCasino. Fun, colour, joy and so much more could be heading your way. So get those free spins. If you did not make it to Rio, then let Rio come to you with Samba Carnival.

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